Though Geosand was termed as an alternative product of river sand now it has proved as Geosand is one of the best product for construction.


Geosand a branded product of crusher sand developed by Holy family group has successfully undergone several quality test conducted by gov: laboratoty like like Sieve analysis, cube test, Optical Microscopic Study to check the particle shape, slump test by slump cone method .


Manufactured Sand or M-Sand is created by crushing hard granite or blue stones using stage 3 crushing mechanisms. This kind of sand is man-made and is thus more accurately prepared based on the needs of the building, from 75 to even 4.5 microns. This is perhaps neater, and cleaner of impurities than natural sand.


With all the reasons and evidences, we ought to make a more eco-friendly decision. Natural sand that comes with all its silt, impurity and the environmental threat, or cleaner, purified, made-to-order M-sand that help construct cities and reconstruct the earth.

Features of Geosand kannur selling different construction metal products

Cubical Shape

Geosand which we manufacture with the help of VSI technology is undergoing a continuous process and its final product will be cubically shaped .This helps you to recognize original Geosand from the quarry waste .thus ensure the quality products for your construction.


Strong like a rock is an ever accepted saying. Geosand one of the products of rock in which VSI technology is used from 4.7mm-150 micro grades, provides immense strength to the construction work. Expert Engineers strongly recommends for construction.

Avoid Cracks

For concrete building one of the common problem is crack when years passes. Geosand in which fine dust less than 150 microne grade is completely removed is a perfect combination for cement and thus avoids the problem and make your building everlasting with quality.


Availability of building materials at an affordable rate being one of the greatest necessities, Geosand is one of the best products and it can be termed as the boon of construction.

Available & Ecofriendly

We serve customers in the best way .So we serve the customers at their doorsteps with our service of site delivery . As it is a complete eco friendly products stress of exploitation can be avoided .

Greater Workability

Geo sand is the best product to be used for concrete, is free from dust and cubically shaped .Moreover it has good plasticity to mortar which provides Excellent workability and make every construction strong.

Facts of Manufactured sand over natural sand

The artificial sand produced by proper machines can be a better substitute to river sand. The sand must be of proper gradation (it should have particles from 150 microns to 4.75 mm in proper proportion). Natural River sand has sky rocketed and its consistent supply cannot be guaranteed. Under this circumstances use of manufactured sand becomes inevitable.

Now-a-days, Vastu Shastra is more popular, consults Vastu by many people while constructing a house. As per Vastu Shastra, the building material must be free from traces of human or animal body. The river sand contains bones of human beings and animals. The shells are also a kind of bone. It is not easy to take out all such things present in the river sand. Hence, the best solution for this is to use artificial/crushed sand of good quality for human well being.


Greater Durability
Construction Defects